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We prepare detailed plans and strategies for projects or events that require control of small areas or many kilometers of public roads and spaces. The Traffic/Transport Management Plan (TMP) is the authoritative document containing all items related to providing a safe work environment while maintaining a safe and efficient journey for all road users.

A TMP may include a detailed description of activities, traffic and transport information, stakeholder impacts and minimisation, parking management, messaging or signage strategies such as Variable Messaging Boards (VMS), detours, Hostile Mitigation management, emergency management, risk and contingency plans, interested parties and more as required per project, event or location.

Traffic Control Plans (TCPs) or Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS) are detailed diagrams required for temporary works to create a safe work area for public, staff and the client. A TCP or TGS will illustrate the placement of signage, equipment, traffic flow or detour, pedestrian flow and location of personnel such as police, traffic controllers, marshals and volunteers.

Our traffic managers possess an in-depth knowledge of Sydney, Canberra and many localities throughout New South Wales. We have written TMPs and prepared TCPs/TGSs for major events including City of Sydney New Year’s Eve, Sydney Mardis Gras, VIVID Sydney, City2Surf and local street festivals such as Bankstown Bites and Marrickville Festival.

These plans can be distributed to NSW Councils, NSW Police, Transport for NSW, Department of Premier and Cabinet and all other agencies required to gain approval. Our traffic managers will work with you to find a safe and cost-effective way to deliver your project or event and communicate all possible avenues to meet your requirements.