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On the day or days of your project or event we supply all staff, equipment and management for implementation that fully complies with the traffic plans produced. One of our specialties is complex well-timed coordination of multiple road closures over many suburbs. We deploy large sets of teams to implement and reopen roads in a safe and timely manner.

Unique to Who Dares is the trust developed for our senior managers by you, the client, because they will be by your side through the planning stages and work beside you on the actual event day to ensure that all aspects of the project progress smoothly. Communication is facilitated by a comprehensive and sophisticated radio network ensuring immediate feedback on road closures along the route and any issues as they arise to be solved often by a central control room or the area manager.

We have a very desirable staff retention rate meaning we can supply crews of over one hundred experienced and motivated staff who enjoy working on your event. Reliability and customer service are two key areas that we understand are essential to ensure an enjoyable day for your guests and participants and ameliorate any inconveniences to anyone affected by your event.