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Traffic Management Plans

Consultation and planning for film, television, events, construction and commercial projects requiring a traffic treatment. We write comprehensive Traffic/Transport Management Plans (TMP) and draw detailed Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS) that are specific and customised to your project or event.

Pedestrian Management

We prepare detailed pedestrian management plans, supply equipment and friendly personnel to redirect pedestrian movements around a work areas or closed footpaths, assist with wayfinding, manage queues at transport hubs or events and secure public spaces. Pedestrian or queue management plans are illustrated on a Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) and included in a Traffic/Transport Management Plan (if required).

Traffic Control & Implementation

We provide your on-day staffing and equipment solutions for any traffic scenario. Whether you require a small team or a 100 staff for simple or complex set-ups we can help you implement and reopen in a safe and timely manner.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Implementation

A recent risk identified around events is to restrict the ability of stray vehicles impacting with mass gatherings. Our managers and teams have worked with experts who plan where infrastructure is needed and coordinate the placement of that equipment in an efficient manner that is supported by the traffic plan.

Risk Management

We write comprehensive Risk Assessments and Risk Management Plans for any traffic, transport or pedestrian management task. We also develop detailed Risk Management Plans or COVID Safety Plans for an event or project.

Event Logistic Support

We can provide management and logistics support to any aspect of your event. Our managers can assist you in key planning and logistics areas such as procurement of infrastructure, coordination of sub-contractors, stallholder management, creation of site plans and site mark-up, development of event management plans and provision of personnel to manage or assist with bump in/out.

Project Management

Who Dares managers bring a lot to the party! Over and above the traffic planning and security expertise they share the managers come from a variety of backgrounds including event management, law, risk management, education, hospitality, communications and finance, entertainment and government agencies.

Film and Television Support

Our company has worked in the Film & Television industry for 30 years. We have a broad range of experience and networks to assist a production of any scale. We draw traffic control plans and teams for on-day implementation, Lead/Follow planning on-day vehicle support, barricading, security, Covid Marshals, regular or covid cleaning services for your set, studio or vehicle.

Permits and ROLs

We can prepare applications for Council Permits, Road Occupancy Licences (ROLs) and User-Pays police.

Who Dares Traffic Control

at Lunar Streets

Who Dares on the ground at Sydney Lunar Streets event