The Traffic and Risk Management Specialists

  Who Dares is a leader in the field of traffic planning and management. Our reputation for excellence is founded in our technical expertise, ability to manage risk, extensive experience and resourcefulness. Who Dares is able to deliver traffic planning and risk assessments for complex, large scale, multi stake holder events. We are committed to small and individual clients, valuing the bond of lasting loyalty we create with our customers.

Traffic Planning and Documentation

We are able to a write highly sophisticated plans by investing in the best technologies available and drawing on our thirty years experience, knowledge and the relationships which we have forged. The complex detail shown on the plans clearly shows ...

Traffic Management

                     Our 30 years experience in Traffic Management means we are able to devise and implement                          safe, practical and cost effective strategies for your project. Our expertise is in. . .                                                                                                                                                                        


 Since 1986 we've provided location, stage, perimeter and personal security

 services for hundreds of events and filming. Our friendly, intelligent, helpful

 and reliable staff are all. . .

Risk Assesment

 Safety is our business. If you want to make the best choice for the safety

       of your production and anyone who may be affected by it then you cannot 

go past Who Dares. . . .


  Here are a series of Videos documenting Who Dares at a selection of events including The Sydney Mardi Gras, The Kuringgai Chase Fun Run Special Olympics, Sunday Herald Sun Run, The Chinese New Year Parade and Who Dares at Luna Streets Festival. Click on any of the images to load a new video also please follow the links either to the Vimeo Page or to our Facebook page to find more media and information on the events we have covered. 


TEL - 02 9569 9922
FAX - 02 9569 9933


 Canal Road Film Centre, Shed 8
 1 Canal Road Leichhardt, NSW, 2040


-Positions with us -

Who Dares is always open to taking new and enthusiastic talent, if you are looking for a position in traffic management then please... Complete our Expression of Interest