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Why Who Dares?

With 30 years experience in film, television, events and other commercial activities Who Dares can offer clients a reliable source for a huge array of planning and on-ground services. We provide solutions for traffic & pedestrian management, event management, logistics procurement and coordination, hostile vehicle mitigation, stunt and safety and risk management. Our long-standing client base, highly regarded industry reputation and safe track record has assured delivery of quality services for film production companies, event managers and government agencies over many years.

Our managers are experienced at devising unique solutions for unique problems. Our dedicated trained personnel are customer-service focused, interacting with the public in a friendly and courteous manner. Teams are equipped with the latest communication equipment to enhance efficiencies across all levels of the project and are supervised by Senior Team Leaders to ensure smooth, safe and timely on-day delivery of services.

Regardless of the scale of your project, we can find a solution for you to reach your desired goal.

Service Excellence Enterprise

One company with a range of safe solutions for your event or project.

No job too big, no job too small!

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